We have modern trained compliance teams with full setup. They are responsible to monitor and maintaining compliance issue continuously, we have modern CT-PAT store system with CCTV cameras including recording system. Compliance team is organized as per organ gram and to maintain as per country law and buyers COC. BD Knit Design Ltd. is a well-known compliance factory that implements basic laws and regulations of home and international organizations. ILO laws and tripartite agreement concluded by Govt. of Bangladesh are being enforced in the factory. The factory is determined to live up to its reputation as a model in Bangladesh RMG sector. Compliance is basically focusing on the welfare of the workers and ensures working in a non-hazardous, environment friendly atmosphere. This compliance ensures a good working atmosphere, where everybody knows their job, gets his/her dues in time, gets Medicare and benefits as per Bangladesh labor laws commensuration with ILO conventions. Compliance always guides the company to attain better working conditions, thus enabling everybody to work in a neat and tidy, risk free environment. BD Knit Design Ltd. offers better service facility which compliance dept. oversees to happen/ execute on ground. Compliance also keeps workers updating their knowledge on this professional as well as their rights and obligations. Compliance of every aspect of offering by BD Knit Design Ltd. is being supervised by the compliance department. This department is headed by an experienced and qualified manager with trained team of workforce.